Meaningful scientific experiences

EXPERIMENTA® meets the needs of the science educational standards with innovative products that promote the development of 21st century skills.


Aligned with the science educational standards, this our most successful product based on its impact and scope. It promotes the development of general competencies through scientific experiences based on inquiry.

Sensors expand our senses, they we can answer questions about our environment and generate creative solutions.

We convert spaces into environments that facilitate effective learning and promote creativity and ensure safety.

They are curricular materials of the thematic activities, which include a variety of experiences ready to perform with a full course of students.

STEAM education

Our STEAM approach aims to promote transdisciplinary and coordinated educational practices between different areas of knowledge, strengthening in the process the development of 21st century skills, privileging their use in real contexts.


We are scientists, designers, educators and engineers; but above all we are science lovers. We are dedicated to the task of inviting everyone to this beautiful journey of knowledge and learning.


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